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Caprese is another new brand which is imported and marketed in India by the reputed VIP Industries. Caprese was launched in 2012. The brand entered the market to fulfil the gap between high end luxury products and low priced inferior quality handbags. Caprese is marketed as a mid-premium category product. Caprese handbags are available in over 100 cities in retail outlets as well as VIP Lounges which number around 400. The pricing of the products is also competitive and starts from Rs 2,000 and goes up till Rs 7,000. The owners expect that in the long run the sales of Caprese will equate the sales of luggage as the market for handbags is relatively vast. - See more at: http://business.mapsofindia.com/top-brands-india/handbag.html#sthash.HoeG52jn.dpuf

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