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HIDESIGN Hidesign is a company based in Pondicherry which manufactures leather goods and accessories. It was founded by Dilip Kapoor, the current president, in the year 1978. Initially the company was known as Hide Design which was later modified to its current name. In the beginning it was sold only outside India. Much later in 1999 it entered the Indian market. Alberto Ciaschin, the famous Italian designer is also a part of the Hidesign designing team as the lead designer since 2004. The company started building alliances with various other groups to expand from 2007. The same year Louis Vuitton invested in Hidesign. Recently in 2009 the Future Group also tied up with Hidesign to bring the Holii range. Hidesign sells more than 40,000 bags a month. It also recorded over 35 % growth in 2013, which is much higher than its average growth rate of 20 % a year. Hidesign currently has priced its products between Rs 4,000 and Rs 25,000 in the Indian market. The positive response in sales has made the company think about expansion at a rate of 20 new stores every year. Hidesign is aiming at Rs 600 crores turnover by the year 2018 from the present figure of Rs 150 crores in 2013. In 2013 the brand has received the Pitch Brands 50 Awards. - See more at: http://business.mapsofindia.com/top-brands-india/handbag.html#sthash.HoeG52jn.dpuf

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